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Benchtop NMR Applications in Industry

The QM-125 from Q Magnetics stands out as the industry’s high-resolution benchtop NMR solution. We seek to push the boundaries of industry and research applications by providing high performance capabilities where they are most impactful. With Q Magnetics’ permanent magnet technology, you can reach the highest spectral resolution at the lab bench using the industry’s highest field strength 3 Tesla magnet. Users can also set up their preferred workflow station to accommodate their specific needs, timelines, and manufacturing or research practices. We are dedicated to providing the highest-performance benchtop NMR with the best ROI to further our customers’ success. 


The QM-125 provides a series of benefits for benchtop NMR applications with its high resolution, easy data collection, and fast-throughput capabilities. At its core, it is a powerful quantitative analytical tool for mixture analysis and reaction monitoring in any field, including drug discovery and pharmaceuticals, biotech, polymers, petrochemical, fermentation, food, flavor, and fragrance analyses, and many more. In any field, the QM-125 can be used to monitor reaction processes, follow flow chemistry in time, or verify synthetic structures between a series of reactions. Customers will always have versatility on their side with walkup access, flow-path integration, and system automation. With a small footprint and low weight, NMR can be collected anywhere on the lab bench, in a fume hood, or on a cart. Improve your productivity with rapid access to powerful structural information that only the QM-125 can provide. 


Our team is happy to establish partnerships and is driven to make your NMR applications possible! We seek to benefit our customers by meeting their NMR needs, whether intended for small startups, specialized research organizations, or large-scale industrial companies. Reach out today to equip your team with the highest resolution and most accessible benchtop NMR available!

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