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Benchtop NMR Spectrometer for Academic Professors, Instructors, and Educators

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is the premier structural elucidation and verification technique for an exceedingly diverse range of chemical, biological, physical, and analytical applications.

At Q Magnetics, we are proud to bridge the gap in accessibility between academic teaching labs and high-performance benchtop NMR. We provide high-field benchtop NMR for universities and colleges with reliable teaching and research capabilities. The QM-125 NMR spectrometer is designed to provide the highest performance possible from a benchtop NMR at the most accessible price. Our unique permanent magnet technology and flow-path design bring unparalleled shim stability, robustness, and high-throughput possibilities to the teaching lab. It’s now easier than ever to offer students critical hands-on experience in NMR spectroscopy in your teaching labs. 


With the QM-125, you can offer students hands-on experience in physical science and spectroscopy, structure analysis, and analytical practices. Students can learn benchtop NMR through educational and research NMR applications in chemistry. Examples include small molecule structure verification, natural product synthesis, drug discovery, ligand synthesis, reaction monitoring, complex mixture analyses, and analytical methods. Set students up for success in a variety of application spaces, including small molecule characterization, pharmaceuticals, polymer and materials, forensics analysis, flavor, fragrance, and food chemistry, and much more. 


Benchtop NMR opens the door to teaching a full range of foundational and advanced NMR applications. It offers high accessibility to anyone in teaching labs, STEM courses, and undergraduate or graduate research projects. Equip your teaching labs or student research groups with the highest field strength and resolution and the most reliable performance to date. The QM-125 operates as an easy-to-use, compact, and robust benchtop unit with high-throughput reliability and little to no maintenance required. Furthermore, its cryogen-free magnet means no upkeep or additional expenditure is required for the end user. With the QM-125, institutions now have more accessibility than ever to offer students practical knowledge in NMR spectroscopy with powerful results. 

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