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Meet The Q Magnetics Team

We are NMR enthusiasts with over 40 years of combined experience in the design, development, and application of benchtop NMR.



John Price

Since his undergraduate days as a physics major at Yale, John has been excited by scientific instruments of all kinds. His past projects include an electrometer able to detect a single electron, a SQUID susceptometer, a microwave bridge for mesoscopic electronics, a detector of gravity at sub-millimeter scales, a cryogenic dielectric spectrometer, and an acoustic waveguide reflectometer. While still on the faculty at the University of Colorado, his interests turned to permanent-magnet NMR, and he led the team that developed the picoSpin-45 and picoSpin-80 spectrometers, introduced in 2010 and 2013. He retired from academia in 2020, and now works full-time on NMR technology.  John's profile on Google Scholar.


Hilton Chan

Hilton sees Q Magnetics a perfect opportunity for a new direction and an adventure. After completing his physics Ph.D. at Stanford, he spent 13 years in the aerospace industry designing and building satellites for NASA and the US government. His satellite projects included advancements in lidar, spectrometers, and optical design and analysis. Before that, he was a physics and math major at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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John Frost

John entered the field of benchtop NMR in 2010 when he built a 19 MHz CW-NMR as a side project while completing his doctorate in analytical and physical chemistry at the University of Wisconsin. During the next decade, he advanced academic, industrial, and government NMR customers' work through distributors and direct sales teams across the globe. As the Director of Business Development, John is excited to bring Q Magnetics' innovative NMR technology to our customers and market partners.

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Tyler Ozvat

Tyler is passionate about applying NMR to all aspects of chemistry. His interests in NMR began in small-molecule synthesis and spectroscopy as an undergraduate at Fort Lewis College. During his Ph.D. studies at Colorado State University, he applied variable-temperature NMR to transition metals to design nuclear-spin-based thermometers. As the newest member of the Q Magnetics team, Tyler leads technical sales and delivers the applications of our benchtop NMR spectrometers to customer needs.

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