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Benchtop NMR in Industry



Equip your research team with the powerful QM-125, the highest resolution available in benchtop NMR spectrometers.

The QM-125 Sets New Standards in Benchtop NMR

The QM-125 from Q Magnetics stands out as the industry’s high-resolution benchtop NMR solution. We seek to push the boundaries of industry and research applications by providing high performance capabilities where they are most impactful. With Q Magnetics’ permanent magnet technology, you can reach the highest spectral resolution at the lab bench using the industry’s highest field strength 3 Tesla magnet. Users can also set up their preferred workflow station to accommodate their specific needs, timelines, and manufacturing or research practices. We are dedicated to providing the highest-performance benchtop NMR with the best ROI to further our customers’ success.

Reaction Monitoring Applications


The QM-125 is ready-to-go for monitoring reactions, following flow chemistry in real time, or verifying synthetic structures between multistep reactions. Structure analysis of key analytes via NMR is delivered with immediate access from the same fume hood or benchtop as your chemistry. With its front-panel standard 1/16" fluid connections, no reconfiguration is needed for automated applications. The standard all-fluorocarbon flow path of the QM-125 is compatible with almost all samples. Either manually collect sample from reaction or chromatography fractions at your pace, or incorporate automated sample-delivery-by-flow for user defined time intervals. The QM-125's small footprint, low weight, and low power requirements mean NMR can be accessed anywhere—the lab bench, a fume hood, a mobile cart, the factory floor, or even a vehicle.

Manufacturing Process & Efficiency

The QM-125 offers a series of benefits to improving manufacturing processes and efficiency. For chemical processes that rely on quality assurance, it is key to verify structures at the lab bench quickly and hassle-free. Remove dependencies on outsourced facilities by reducing the time and costs associated with high field spectrometers. At its core, the QM-125 is a powerful quantitative analytical tool for mixture analysis and process development in any field, including drug discovery and pharmaceuticals, biotech, polymers, petrochemical, fermentation, food, flavor, and fragrance analyses, and many more.


Industry Leading Hyphenation


The QM-125 pushes the boundaries of what's possible with benchtop NMR. In addition to the higher resolution provided at 125 MHz, the QM-125 makes chemical structural analysis techniques an easy addition to any standard analytical toolkit. Integrate NMR into any existing sample-delivery-by-flow methods. Hyphenate it into other analytical systems such as high-performance liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, UV/vis spectrophotometry, auto-sampling, and many more. Convert quickly from walkup access to flow-path integration and system automation. Look to the QM-125 for its high resolution, easy data collection, and versatile hyphenation capabilities.

Reach Out Today!

Q Magnetics is always interested in partnering with customers to develop solution to their analytical problems. Whether you are a startup, a specialized research organization, or large-scale industrial companies, we seek to meet your NMR needs. Reach out today to equip your team with the highest resolution and most accessible benchtop NMR available!

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