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Benchtop NMR Applications

What is Benchtop NMR Used For? The QM-125 is the world's most powerful benchtop NMR, delivering high-quality proton NMR for your application. Whether your application is educational, industrial, or research oriented, the QM-125 can provide the spectra you need. The novel design is equally at home with walk-up users and high-throughput, reaction monitoring, and integration applications. Continue reading to learn more about the QM-125 NMR spectrometer and what it can do for you.


Industry Applications

Explore the applications of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy with the industry's highest field strength 3 Tesla magnet in benchtop NMR.


 Educational Benefits

Teach the principles of NMR spectroscopy and bring advanced chemistry courses to life with the affordable,  accessible, and highly robust QM-125.

nicotinamide 3 casescdr.png

NMR Spectral Database

See what's possible with the QM-125, the only benchtop NMR available at 125 MHz.

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