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Benchtop NMR for Educators



Bring high-impact and engaged learning practices to life with with hands-on accessibility to the most powerful benchtop NMR spectrometer.

Benchtop NMR for Colleges & Universities

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is the premier structural elucidation and verification technique for a diverse range of chemical, biological, physical, and analytical applications. At Q Magnetics, we seek to bridge the gap in accessibility between academic teaching labs and high-performance benchtop NMR. The QM-125 is the most cost-effective benchtop NMR for colleges and universities since it provides the highest field strength available on the benchtop and also the highest field strength per dollar of any NMR spectrometer. Reliable teaching and research capabilities are possible as it's designed to provide the best performance possible from a benchtop NMR at the most accessible price. Our unique permanent magnet technology and flow-path design bring unparalleled shim stability, robustness, and high-throughput possibilities to the teaching lab. It’s now easier than ever to offer students critical hands-on experience in NMR spectroscopy in your physical sciences curriculum.


Bridging the Accessibility Gap

NMR spectroscopy is a critical learning objective of any physical sciences program, yet hands-on experience with high-field instruments can remain inaccessible due to its large space, high maintenance, and excessive cost requirements. Benchtop NMR is the preferred solution to these challenges which offers high accessibility to anyone in teaching labs, STEM courses, and undergraduate or graduate research projects. The QM-125 spectrometer delivers the same principles of NMR spectroscopy, all with a sleek table-top footprint, 3-Tesla strong permanent magnet, and the best cost-effective value. The QM-125 is designed for accessibility in terms of use and cost which offers the highest resolution NMR data of any other benchtop system and is provided at the lowest cost per MHz of any NMR system available. Equip your students with the QM-125 and set them up for success in a variety of research and industry application spaces.


Reach Out Today!

Q Magnetics is happy to establish partnerships with educational institutions! We are driven to make NMR for education possible. With our powerful technology, you are empowered to teach the NMR in practical or creative ways that suit your physical sciences curriculum. Reach out today to equip your team with the highest resolution and most accessible benchtop NMR available!

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