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QM-125 Features



Q Magnetics pushes the boundaries of permanent-magnet technology to bring unmatched benchtop resolution with a field strength of 3 Tesla.

QM-125 Benchtop NMR Spectrometer


  125 MHz Single-Channel

The QM-125 is the only benchtop NMR at 125 MHz. It is designed to deliver high performance 1H-NMR data at the highest resolution possible with or without deuterated solvents. 


  Flow Path Ready

Sample-after-sample data collection is fast and easy. The highly inert fluorocarbon flow path is usable with virtually any aqueous or organic solvent. Integrate into any sample-delivery-by-flow method or inject your sample with a syringe for walkup convenience. 


  3 T Permanent Magnet

Q Magnetics' permanent magnet technology provides an industry leading 3 Tesla field strength. It is stable magnet that does not require cryogenic temperature to maintain.


  Robust & Reliable

The QM-125 requires little-to-no maintenance with reliable long-term usage and high-throughput capabilities. Its small footprint and low weights makes it easily accommodated on any table top, fume hood, or mobile platform.


  Best ROI

The QM-125 is ready for implementation in dynamic applications such as reaction monitoring by NMR. Integrate NMR into any larger system with a variety of semi-automated capabilities.

The QM-125 offers the best return on investment for high-performance NMR applications. With the highest field strength available on the benchtop, the QM-125 is offered at the highest field strength per dollar of any NMR spectrometer.


  Fast Integration

Additional Features & Components


  Sample Injection Kit

Each spectrometer comes with a sample injection kit. It includes everything you need to get started with your QM-125:  syringes, syringe filters, syringe port, drain tube, and port plugs.

All data collected on the QM-125 is compatible with any NMR processing software and each spectrometer comes with a complementary 1-year Mnova license from MestreLab.

We care about our customers' success which is why we supply remote support free of charge and a 1-Year Industry Standard Parts & Labor warranty, with the option to acquire an additional 4 years of coverage.

We provide QM Control spectrometer control software with every QM-125. For low-level functions of the QM-125 via other software systems, we provide the Python source code for QM Control open-source with underlying API.




  QM Control Program


  NMR Processing Software

Looking for Technical Details?

Check out the QM-125 Technical Brochure with Specification Sheet for more details and to learn about highest-resolution benchtop NMR spectrometer from Q Magnetics today!


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