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How to Inject a Sample: QM-125 Benchtop NMR

Welcome to our latest video tutorial on sample injection instructions using the QM-125 benchtop NMR spectrometer from Q Magnetics. Whether you're a chemistry enthusiast, a researcher, or a student, we'll guide you through a step-by-step process of sample injection, providing you best practices for loading NMR sample when using the QM-125.

Here's a breakdown of the sample injection tutorial:

  1. Open the flow path by removing the caps from the inlet and outlet port. When the instrument is not in use, keep the flow path enclosed with the caps.

  2. Start by securing the stainless-steel syringe port to the inlet.

  3. Secure the drain tube to the outlet. The entire volume of the flow-path inside the instrument is 360 microliters.

  4. Draw sample with a 1 mL syringe and blunt-tip needle.

  5. Inject the sample via the syringe port. If the sample contains suspended solids or undissolved material, use a syringe filter while injecting.

  6. Before removing the syringe, first remove the drain tube and close the end of the flow path with a port cap.

  7. Now remove the syringe and injection port, and close the front of the flow path to contain the sample for measurement.

This tutorial demonstrates how easy and convenient sample injection is with the QM-125 benchtop NMR. Stay tuned for more informative tutorials on NMR spectroscopy with the QM-125 from Q Magnetics.



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